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We are in the process of expanding and creating new activities, but the services we can offer at the moment are, basically:

  • Marine Consultancy Services for studying the viability of different Marine or Undersea Operations.
  • Inspection Services by means of:
    • MiniRov System, small dimension Undersea Vehicles operational up to a depth of 150m. High versatility.
    • ROV System, Undersea Platform onto which different devices can be fitted and which is operational from a distance up to a depth of 600m; or, with the superior version, up to 1000m.
    • High resolution Sonar System, for inspecting areas with turbid water or zero visibility.
    • Sidescan or multibeam Sonar System, for inspecting large areas as we are moving.
    • Doppler System, for studying currents or bathometry.
    • The Tow Skate System allows us to reach 2000m and carry out searches in large areas.
    • Traditional Video, with underwater casing and diver on the controls. 
  • We have vast experience in the development and preparation of reports on the condition and situation of underwater installations and work.
        • Work Quality Control.
        • Bathometry.
        • Environmental studies.
        • Checking Damage to Submerged Structures
        • Checking of Coastal and/or Floating Wharfs.
        • Checking of Jetties, anchoring items.
        • Location of flotsam anchors or objects
        • Checking of Wells, Tanks, Cisterns, Water Deposits. Pools
        • Sample Collection.
        • Image recording. Capturing still images.
        • Recording Wildlife or Underwater Habitats.
        • Following Sporting Competitions or Activities.
        • Following Recreational Dives.
        • Checking Aquaculture Stations
  • Service for the hire of personnel such as ROV Operating Technician (Pilot or Navigator).
  • Service for the Hire of Oceanographic Equipment. Data Processing
  • Equipment Integration Service.
  • We have Specific Hardware and Software for Editing Recordings, being able to do everything from obtaining still images of them to converting them into films that are transmittable in any traditional or new generation format.
  • We have specific navigation Software for integrating data collected during navigation into the project you have entrusted us with.
  • We have a Naval Construction Department for carrying out our projects efficiently and safely.
  • We carry out special work on new fibreglass constructions or repairs for oceanographic structures or apparatus.
  • Networking with the marine world: Giving talks and exhibiting Audiovisual works on underwater activities or marine life to any groups which request them.
  • Services for ONLINE sales of nautical and underwater materials.
  • Services for ONLINE sales of digital images or prints.
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