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Feines d’Aigua Sub 2B, sl is a company which was established as such in 2006, although it is also true that its creators started the process itself in 1989, as great enthusiasts of the underwater world and passionate about photography.

So we began to carry out our work in an almost artisanal manner, developing our equipment as we went along. As expected we became more professional and expert in numerous underwater operations, bit by bit, without rushing, but without stopping we began to fill a small space in the world of Professional Diving. But the road involves walking and everything changes with the passing of time.

Knowing that 70% of our planet is liquid and fundamental for our vital development, the responsibility of continuously exploring our environment, the need to go deeper and deeper, led us to redefine our priorities.

So practically without meaning to, we joined together our passion for the underwater world, our interest in photography and our enthusiasm for technology to create what, today, is Feines d’Aigua Sub 2B, sl.

We are, in a manner of speaking, a small group which, looking into the future, wants to turn it into the present, and to place it in the world of sub-aquatic technology.

That is where we find ourselves, our current activities, light years from Professional Diving as we knew it, are aimed at all types of companies or organisations and even individuals.

Safe in the knowledge that we are not a competitor, but yet another collaborating team, a tool that will allow you to carry out your operations with greater safety and to be able to directly reach places others cannot.

And to allow those organisations which are indirectly linked to the marine world to be able to see, through our Consultancy service, the viability of their projects and to complete them successfully.

I have great pleasure therefore in inviting you, in the following pages, to find out about the services which we offer and propose, to see the work we have carried out during our existence, and to provide you with our contact details.

We would like to thank you for your trust and interest in our services and technology.   


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